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Hasselblad H5D-200c Multi-Shot Medium Format DSLR Camera

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Hasselblad H5D-200c Multi-Shot Medium Format DSLR Camera

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  • 50MP 43.8 x 32.9mm CMOS Sensor

  • Multi-Shot Capture Mode: 4-Shot & 6-Shot

  • 3.0" 24-Bit Color LCD w/ 460,320 Dots

  • True Focus and Absolute Position Lock

  • 16-Bit Color Definition

  • Hasselblad RAW 3FR File Format

  • Compatible with H-System Components

  • DAC Automated Lens Correction System

  • Digital Spirit Level

  • Phocus and Lightroom Software Included



The H5D-200c Multi-Shot Medium Format DSLR Camera Body from Hasselblad houses a 50MP CMOS sensor and enables single-shot capture and advanced 4-shot or 6-shot multi-shot capture for improved colors, reduced moire, and increased resolution. The 43.8 x 32.9mm sensor with 8272 x 6200 pixels enables low light sensitivity with an ISO range from 100 to 6400. In addition, the H5D-200c Multi-Shot provides shutter speeds up to 12 minutes and a fast capture rate of 1.5 fps. Single-shot images are produced in the Hasselblad 3FR lossless compressed RAW file format and are approximately 75MB, with TIFF 8-bit processed images being approximately 150MB. Multi-shot 4-shot RAW images are 250MB on average and TIFFs are 500MB, while the 6-shot RAW images are 400MB, and their 8-bit TIFFs are 600MB.

The H5D-200c MS (Multi-Shot) differs from the standard H5D-50c by its multi-shot capability. In single-shot mode, the "MS" offers the same medium format capture as the 50c, but in Multi-Shot mode a symmetrical multi-shot frame uses piezoelectrical actuators to move the camera's sensor in one pixel and half pixel increments. In 4-shot mode, moves of 1 pixel increments record red, green, blue and green information from each pixel and combine them into one image that is free of interpolation and therefore results in more accurate colors, reduced artifacts such as moire, and heightened details. In 6-shot mode, the same 4-shot pattern is then followed by 2 additional captures in 1/2 pixel increments for extended resolution.

The H5D-200c MS features the True Focus autofocus system and the new Absolute Position Lock (APL) processor which recognizes the camera movements made during recomposition and instantly adjusts focus for precision. Hasselblad's Natural Color Solution (HNCS) creates accurate colors, with natural skin tones and an ability to capture specific product colors.

With two storage options, either to Compact Flash cards or directly to your computer via a tethered connection, the H5D-200c MS enables versatile in-studio or location usage options. The functional handling of the camera has also been improved, including grip control of zoom and menu navigation and seven adjustment profiles can be stored for easy retrieval. The ergonomic body with large grip has also been given a robust weather sealing further enabling its use in difficult location settings.

An updated Graphical User Interface makes menu navigation easier and the 3.0" TFT LCD display offers clear image playback. Also, the rear LCD can now show an exact copy of the grip LCD with all relevant shooting information on the big, bright screen. An integrated electronic spirit level is available in both the viewfinder and on the LCD screen. The HVD-90x Eye-level Viewfinder with 3.1x image magnification and diopter adjustment is packaged with the H5D-200c MS, but other viewfinders are available including the HVM waist-level viewfinder.

The H5D-200c MS is compatible with Hasselblad H system lens line, including 12 autofocus lenses, all with central lens shutters. A built-in central shutter allows flash to be used at all shutter speeds up to 1/800 sec, making flash photography in daylight easy. It also improves image quality by generating extremely low camera vibration.

Included with camera is Phocus software which enables you to improve workflow, including the extension of camera and image control with live video, improved metadata, GPS functions and the DAC Automated Lens Correction System which relays information about capture conditions and the specific lenses being used to fine tune autofocus and metering for improved imaging results.

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